Testing Sophistication

Test Sophistication

Important ways to approach the test:

  1. Read the directions- guides us in questions and genre type; maybe even topic
  2. Utilize the text features- Titles, subtitles, pictures, charts, illustrations, captions- Access Prior Knowledge!  Prior knowledge is the foundation we build the piece on.
  3. Margin notes (on the left)- 3 words or less to sum- up main idea

Multiple choice:

  1. Read the directions and note the genre, use text features to acess prior knowledge
  2. Make notes in the margin
  3. star lists in the text
  4. circle important information
  5. underline the questions
  6. answer the question before you look at the choices/ show your work
  7. process of eleimination
  8. pick the best answer
  9. reread parts of the text
  10. reread and check answers



  1. Introduction that restates the question and states the reasons of your essay.
  2. Body paragraphs state the reason and then reference the passage and its details as support. ( THIS IS A READING COMPREHENSION TEST- YOU ARE NOT BEING GRADED ON YOUR PERSONAL REFERENCE SUPPORT!)
  3. Conclusion Paragraph paraphrases the question/thesis statement, Lists reasons and can make a text to text connection statement to end)
  4. Writing is complex by using higher level vocabulary, sentence structure, and transitional words and phrases.