Non-Fiction Picture Book Guide

Printing Tips:

  1. Take out the dedicationa and title page
  2. reorder your pages if needed (know your printer- 305 needs to be reordered with the numbers to the back- page 2 is facing up at you )
  3. Know that you may have to print page by page (more than 7 pages needs to plan page numbers and use color pages for printing)

Sections in our Non-fiction Picture Books

7 Pages Writing (Odd Pages, on right- black text)

  1. Introduction
  2. Through 5.   for Sections (see below)

6.  Conclusion tells the reader how they could get involved in this topic/

       more info

  1. Glossary


Options for sections:  4 pages  (4-12 sections) 

  1. Sequence of historical events/inventions that have effected the topic (e. g. Awesome Aircraft by Seymore Simon)
  2. Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why
  3. History, Modern day, Tools/ Materials, How-to’s


Color (Even Pages, on left- color printing) ** can include a fun fact character**


Table of Contents

6 illustrated pages

½  page  About the Author – Include a picture and  ½  page Bibliography